New hospital center
Beijing, CHINA | 2005


Status: Studies

Client: Université médicale Union
Team: Silvio d'Ascia Architecture | AREP
Scope: Design mission

Dates: 2005
Surface: 20 200 m²  
Cost: 120 M€


The new hospital, located to the northwest of the Forbidden City will be the largest hospital in China with 200,000 m² of surface (950 beds).

The layout of its spaces echoes that of a traditional palace: a mineral base, a geometric upper body and a facade in continuity with the roof to the south unifying volumes.

At the heart of the hospital is a large interior street oriented east-west to organize the two poles of the building. This circulation area distributes all the services distributed horizontally and vertically in the building: diagnosis and consultations, emergencies, imaging, research and scientific development, logistics and management (west), surgery, accommodation, hospitalization, teaching, maternity, shops and restaurants (east). Crossed by this inner street, opened on the district and the city of Beijing, this new hospital center symbolizes the idea of the "contemporary palace of the health".