13 km long railway viaduct of the Grand Paris Express
Plateau de Saclay, FRANCE | 2015
■ Competition


Status: Competition

Client: Société du Grand Paris
Team: Silvio d'Ascia Architecture

Dates: 2015
Lenght: 13 km
Cost: 283,8 M€


Imagined as a continuous and sinuous line that discreetly crosses the urban and natural landscape, the aerial section of line 18, purified of all formalism and gestural action, is self-sufficient. The new aerial route, like a ribbon, fits in a subtle way in the territory and gives all their identity to the places encountered, while minimizing the impact of such a work in the landscape.

The network thickens and densifies at the meeting of stations and specific sites around a singular architectural expression that unites the new route. Simplicity, modesty and sobriety are the key words retained for this intervention on the viaduct and the three stations of the Line 18 of the Greater Paris metro. Finally, the viaduct line will be a calm and unitary line in a context with many different facets.