University and sports facilities in a former convent
Naples, ITALY | 2005-2008


Status: Studies, suspended project

Client: City of Naples
Team: Silvio d'Ascia Architecture
Scope: Full design services

Dates: 2005-2008
Surface: 1 600 m²
Cost: 12,75 M€


The convent of "Trinity delle Monache" occupies a strategic place in the city. Located in the historic center of Naples on the slopes of the Vomero hill, the old convent, converted in the 19th century into a military hospital, is an enclave in the city, a vast plot of 25 000 m², now abandoned and the gap in urban dynamics.

The project consists of transforming the former convent into a university and knowledge-intensive neighborhood center (universities, conference hall, multifunctional space), sports (swimming pool, fitness center, basketball court) and leisure (gardens ).

The first phase of the project consists in opening the site to the city by the in-depth study of its various accesses. New circulations, integrating a mechanized lift system on its northern front, will then irrigate the complex from the bottom of the Montesanto district and will revitalize its spaces.

The main element of the contemporary intervention on this complex is the implementation of a large steel and glass pergola, a large horizontal line connecting the buildings on its longitudinal front to the east. This new contemporary layer puts order in a set today become anarchic and disordered.