Restructuring of Torregaveta station connected to the seaport
Bacoli, ITALY | 2006-2010
Suspended project


Status: Suspended project

Client: Ferrosud 2
Team: Silvio d'Ascia Architecture
Scope: Full design services

Dates: 2006-2010
Surface: 6 750 m²
Cost: 27 M€

Located at the western end of the archaeological site of Baia, Torregaveta Station and its forecourt open on the Bay of Naples.

The restructuring and transformation project consists of the functional modernization of the current building (passenger building, existing awning and docks ...) while making its transformation into a modern exchange hub between rail, road and maritime transport.

The building finds a unitary character thanks to a horizontal steel and glass roof equipped with photovoltaic cells solar panels. Pedestrians are invited to take the stairs and escalators, located under the road and leading to an inclined forecourt, real square of the station open on the horizon. A contemporary layout of 5,200 m² is created, combining activities, sports fields, playgrounds and car parks, to facilitate the connection of the station to the sea.