Taichung, TAIWAN | 2010


Status: Concours

Client: Ville de Taichung
Team: Silvio d'Ascia Architecture 

Dates: 2010
Surface: 18 950 m²
Cost : 20 M€

In order to demonstrate that the city and nature can coexist in the near future, this project proposes a new contemporary symbol of urbanity and ecology, and seeks a new balance between technological progress and respect for the environment with the idea of an ecological tower as a "living machine".

The idea of he vertical street with a series of public space actually integrates the structure in the use of the tower at different levels; a new type of structure that uses its shape to allow the elements of nature (the sun with photovoltaic panels, the wind with the chimney, the water with the deep pillars, the ground of the garden on the roof ...) to produce energy. An ecological and sustainable concept is organized inside the tower.

This new image of the vertical symbol where the staging of human flows finds interesting correspondences with natural flows shows that man and nature could find a new form of relationship. Multifunctional spaces within the vertical distribution are designed as an evolutionary program.