New Convention Center
Roma, ITALY | 2000


Status: Competition

Client: Ville de Rome
Team: Silvio d'Ascia Architecture | AREP

Dates: 2000
Surface: 52 000 m²
Cost: 130 M€

The project interprets the theme of the convention center as a polyfunctional container hosting an auditorium, multipurpose rooms and exhibitions and includes complementary activities such as shops, a hotel, restaurants, offices etc. It is a question of integrating this new structure in network with the existing equipments and thus to be source of a new form of urbanity.

It is therefore an open building that is organized around a large square covered by a translucent roof made of glass and metal, delimited by a colonnade on Viale Europa. It is based on structural and functional principles - openness, permeability, flexibility - that make it an evolving building.