Renovation and extension to retirement home located in an abbey
Rebais, FRANCE | 2001


Status: Built, competition winner

Client: Maison de retraite Saint-Aile
Team: Silvio d'Ascia Architecture
Scope: Full design services

Dates: 1994-2001
Surface: 7 500 m²
Cost: 6 M€

The project involves the renovation and extension of the Saint Aile retirement home, located in a hillside region and adjacent to a forest reserve. The idea was to create a dialogue between and existing chapel structure dating from the 13th century and the building addition.

The project thus contains three primary interventions: the construction of the building addition which exists as a sort of triangular polygon in glass with an integrated shading element; the rehabilitation and restoration of the chapel structure and the creation of a bridge joining it with the addition; the demolition and reconstruction of one wing of the complex (Pavilion Daniel Simon) which retains its existing proportions.

The resulting facility provides a naturally-lit and pleasant residence for its inhabitants.