Renovation and extension of Rabat City Station
Rabat, MAROCCO | 2014
■ Competition


Status: Competition

Client: ONCF
Team: Silvio d'Ascia Architecture | OKA

Dates: 2014
Surface: 17 000 m²
Cost: 45 M €

This project tries to sublimate a building of the 1930s anchored in the landscape and the imagination of the city of Rabat, "imperial" city. Delicately draped over the railway right-of-way, the new station fits harmoniously between the Alawite squares in the East and the Almohad enclosure in the West. A cover of metal and glass meanders along the quay railway trench, overlooking the historic building and the Almohad enclosure. This strong element offers a spatial and formal unity and testifies to the new identity of the Rabat-Ville station. Indeed, it symbolically unifies the past and the future and physically the two polarities of the new station.

The project opens the existing volume towards the platform space. This new staging of the building establishes a direct visual continuity with the enclosure. In the same way, the architectural party recomposes the device of the vertical circulations to guarantee a better fluidity of the pathways.

It is a question of preserving the richness and the talent of the Moroccan tradition, with the will to inscribe the Cherifian capital on the rails of a metropolis in the making.