New office building in an eco-district
Nancy, FRANCE | 2017


Status: Built

Maître d'ouvrage: Foncière des Régions
Team: Silvio d'Ascia Architecture
Scope: Full design services

Date: 2012-2017
Surface: 6 600 m²
Cost: 12,5 M€


This project is one of the first buildings of the future eco-district "Nancy Grand Coeur" and tries to interpret the logic of the new urban development in order to restore a coherence between the historic city and the district of the Station.

By following this intention, the mineral aspect of the building ensures continuity with the quality of the built fabric of the city.
The urban identity of the project translates into a building that unifies and articulates four volumes, of varying height and stereometry. This theme is inspired by an analysis of the specificities of the downtown facades, whose heights differ. The proportions of the volumes allow to find a familiarity with the urban memory of the historic city, respecting a principle of orthogonality in the implantation of the building.