New regional station and three road bridges
Nanterre, FRANCE | 2014
■ Competition


Status: Competition

Client: RFF
Team: Silvio d'Ascia Architecture

Dates: 2014
Surface: 3 000 m² (station)
Cost: 72,6 M € (all)

The program of the New Station EOLE of Nanterre la Folie makes it possible to translate on the urban scene of a city in full development one of the key themes of our time: the presence of the infrastructure as engine of the process of urban transformation. It is a question of inserting the station in its urban and railway context by trying to find a unitary and homogeneous vision between the buildings and all the elements of the infrastructure which are revealed around the bundle of railways (the retaining walls, the three road bridges, pedestrian bridge and station building).

The continuity between the city and the railway infrastructure at all levels is achieved through a true continuity of the pedestrian walkway from the public space of the city to the station space and platforms without any break.