Mall « new generation » and leisure pole
Marseille, FRANCE | 2018
Ongoing studies


Status: Ongoing studies

Client: Frey
Team: Silvio d'Ascia Architecture
Scope: Full design services

Dates: 2012 -
Surface: 40 320 m²
Cost: 85 M€

This shopping center project is located in the ZAC Valentine in Marseille, an area of tertiary and commercial activities. The idea is to move away from the traditional architectural model of the "commercial box" and offer a unique and mysterious architectural object shaped like an iridescent white pebble. A modern spaceship shape with rounded corners simply laid on the site.

The main access is through the large concave window of about twenty meters from the north facade. Inside, a huge transparent dome 32 m in diameter and 12 m high expands from right to left on the double height shopping mall. This magnetic element houses a main event area, around which fluid horizontal circulations are generated as well as two recreational and rest areas located at the ends of the center, also covered by glass domes.