Research project for a pre-fabricated house
Paris, FRANCE | 2009-2010


Status: Studies

Client: Ben Vautier
Team: Silvio d'Ascia Architecture
Scope: Design mission

Dates: 2009-2010
Surface: 80 m²

The Cube House is a prefabricated house concept consisting of the assembly of three-dimensional modules made of steel, steel brick. The project was born from the close collaboration with Ben Vautier S.p.A., specialized in the manufacture of metal structures and owner of the patent of the steel brick construction system (Palumbo and Pagano MPN system).

This volume consisting of plans of brick steel - dressed with 600x600 modular glass plate - acts as an active structure. Each module is a high-tech component combining the structure, insulation, protection, finishing and integrates functional networks in its thickness, centralized in the technical block on the entrance facade.

This idea could generate a new form of contemporary housing, in accordance with our lifestyles: the flexibility of the internal layout, the declination of the house in range or in series, adaptability to the context depending on the site and climate , the assembly of several basic units between them in a free and evolutive way ...