National Research Center and University of Agronomy
Ercolano, ITALY | 2017
Ongoing studies


Status: Ongoing studies

Client: FIREMA
Team: Silvio d'Ascia Architecture

Dates: 2006-2010 (suspended project) | 2017
Surface: 26 900 m² 
Cost: 40 M€


A few steps from the ancient ancient city of Herculaneum, old industrial hangars are abandoned on the seafront. The project provides for their transformation into a university hub to house the Faculty of Agronomy and laboratories of the National Research Center, with services in common (bar-cafeteria, refectory, parking...).

The main circulation axis serves the entire program, divided into thematic volumes (physics, chemistry, technology, etc.). At the last level, a glass walkway of more than 100 meters distributes perpendicularly the three floors of the five buildings, separated by patios and courtyards.

The functional modules include on the ground floor the research workshops overlooking the gardens, at the first levels the agronomy laboratories and on the top floor the CNR laboratories. The formal distinction is signified by the choice of facade cladding materials: volcanic stone for the first levels and stainless steel for the laboratories.

Part of the cover will be equipped with photovoltaic cells, responding to environmental concerns and saving energy.