Technology campus, innovation center, data center
Shanghai, CHINA | 2008
■ Competition

Silvio d'Ascia Architecture - China Life

Status: Competition

Client: China Life Insurance  
Team: Silvio d'Ascia Architecture | AREP

Dates: 2008
Surface: 35 000 m²
Cost: 150 M€

The project attempts to give to the corporation and strong architectural identity that is linked to its functional program. The concept thereby proposed a grouping of circular volumes, with each volume housing a specific programmatic element.

Such volumes were inspired by the Tulous complexes in China, fortified yet porous round structures that derived their form as a result of their communal organizations. The same principles were used for the China Life center, with the buildings being linked figuratively by their material palette of glass and aluminum and steel cladding elements, and functionally by a series of covered paths.