New central library of Pekin
Pékin, CHINA | 2004
■ Competition


Status: Competition

Client: Beijing Xinhua Books Co. 
Team: Silvio d'Ascia Architecture | AREP

Dates: 2004
Surface: 10 000 m²
Cost: 150 M€


Beijing's new library is conceived as a large polyfunctional cultural and commercial container.

The project depicts the flow of the crowd through the creation of a central space at any height, crossed by traffic (bridges, lifts, escalators, ramps) and allowing users to have immediate visual control of the whole area. functional trays.

The cylindrical shape of the building envelope draws the outline of the south facade on Chang'an Avenue. This wall is both a solar protection system and a communicating multimedia façade, consisting of double-sided brise-soleil, some in wood, the others formed of digital screens and LEDs.

This innovative system offers the building a multiplicity of interior and exterior configurations.