Restructuring and renovation of the old station
Bologna, ITALY | 2008
■ Competition


Status: Competition 

Client: RFI-Ferservizi
Team: Silvio d'Ascia Architecture | Ateliers Jean Nouvel | AREP

Dates: 2008
Surface: 250 000 m²
Cost: 350 M€


When the railway leads to the big railway stations, it becomes a river of iron, broad, lined, brilliant, traversed by long convoys. It becomes the expression of a power like the great rivers that separate the city into two territories, two shores that look at each other, forced to be at once so close and so distant. A question then arises: how to cross these two shores?

The city being cut in two, the first temptation is to cancel the break, to act as if it did not exist, to find the continuity of the urban fabric to forget the contingencies of the transport world which would have the bad reputation of disturbing, to make noise and to be ugly.

In this moment of civilization, the proponents of green and clean temptation are ready for all efforts to pour concrete, to bend steel, to overcome disturbances and to annihilate the deformed, the confrontation between two worlds, two aesthetic, as if the city had nothing to do with these movements, these noises - even familiar ones - which nevertheless make it live.