3 new metro stations of the Line 18 of Grand Paris Express
Plateau de Saclay, FRANCE | 2015
■ Competition

Copyright Silvio d'Ascia Architecture

Status: Competition

Client: Société du Grand Paris
Team: Silvio d'Ascia Architecture | Dissing+Weitling

Dates: 2015
Surface: 3 150 m², 3 000 m², 2 900 m²
Cost: 15,5 M€, 14,9 M€, 15,7 M€

The future station of line 18 of Greater Paris is part of a dense railway.
Its architecture wants to be identifiable and intuitive since the whole multimodal pole. Its cover becomes an architectural element in its own right, introducing the notion of course. It consists of three bands with variable inclination whose folding effect accentuates and accompanies the movement of travelers who descend and go back to the two existing bridges.

The pole of Massy implants itself in a clear space, favoring the creation of big openings on the four sides which filter the light and offer views on the outside. A work of staging vertical circulation improves the legibility of the route from the entrance to the docks. The station is no longer conceived as an enclaved element but open to the outside and the user. This permeability with the exterior and the notion of intuitive course become the identity of the new station of Massy-Palaiseau.