For Silvio d'Ascia, architecture is not a tool to be used for self-expression. It is the occasion to push for advances in society, to change the way in which we perceive the built environment... to question the status quo.

Founded in 2001, his Paris-based agency, Silvio d'Ascia Architecture, investigates new ways to construct and experience building, with the firm's projects demonstrating an accrued expertise in three areas of activity: transport and movement, innovation and technology, heritage and culture.

With a decidedly humanist outlook on design, the agency continues to elaborate its transversal approach to architectural conception: whether it involve design on an urban scale, the design of an object, or the delivery of purely theoretical inquiries. The work of the studio affords a special place for the genius loci of a site, or its innate potential... a means with which it proposes innovative and unexpected works.

At the project level, the studio seeks imaginative ways to reinterpret the city, both for today and for tomorrow, notably on building typologies such as rail stations and transit hubs, technology campuses and innovation centers, mixed-use complexes, and cultural institutions.

The agency's designers, a group of architects and engineers, provide each project with a knowledge base that combines technical prowess with contextual and aesthetical sensibility. Each project must be as impactful as it is appropriate...

What results is an architecture that counts.

Studio structure

The agency's work centers on an architecture of research, analysis, and measured risk-taking. Its workplace culture tires to utilize project constraints and uncertainties as opportunities and catalysts for developing ever richer proposals. In so doing, the team is able to conceive designs which ideate unique but pragmatic architectural solutions. The agency is capable of ensuring its design services thanks to a versatile team of architects, engineers, and designers that are organized around three poles of activity, or work groups: conception and research, development and construction, communication and management. Each project is guided, from the outset, by a representative from each work group who leads weekly meetings on specific topics related to the project. Quality control measures guarantee the agency's deliverables at every project phase.

Silvio d'Ascia

Born in Naples, Italy in 1969, Silvio is a 1993 graduate of the School of Architecture of the University of Naples, from which he also obtained a Doctorate in Research in Architectural Composition. Moving to Paris in 1993, he established his agency in 2001 following several years of working in assocation with other agences in France and abroad. The new Porta Susa high-speed rail station in Turin allowed him to develop his passion for an architecture serving as a link between the past and the future.

We like the open space vibes

We like the open space vibes

The studio: 150m² at the heart of Paris

The studio: 150m² at the heart of Paris



2015: Nominated for Gold Medal at Triennale di Milano for Porta Susa high-speed station / 2014: Brunel Award for Besançon high-speed station / 2013: Large Rail Station of the Year for Porta Susa station at Euro Rail Congress / 2013: European Steel Design Award for Porta Susa station / 2012: Euro Solar Award for Porta Susa station (for its use of solar cells) / 2012: International Galvanizing Award for Porta Susa station / 2012: Casalgrande Grand Prize for Bagnoli Futura cultural center / 2011: INARCH ANCE National Award for Bagnoli Futura culutral center / 2010: INARCH ANCE Regional Award for Montesanto station


2014: Architectures de mémoire (Everyone needs a data center) at Archives Nationales / 2014: 50 Years of the Maeght Foundation (conf. on building renovation) in Saint Paul de Vence / 2013: The Plan Perspective (conf. on agency work) in Rome / 2012: Urban Trends (Quel avenir pour la ville de demain?) in Paris / 2012: Ateliers RATP (conf. on work of agency) in Paris / 2011: PAN Naples (presentation of Porta Susa station) in Naples / 2010: Politecnico di Milano (conf. at School of Arch.) / 2009: Citta Della Scienza in Naples / 2009: ENSA Marseille (conf. at School of Arch.)


2015: Gold Medal awards, Triennale di Milano (presentation of Porta Susa high-speed) / 2014: Proximité(s) at Cité de l'architecture et du patrimoine in Paris (presentation of Montesanto station) / 2014: 50 Years of the Maeght Foundation (exhibit on the building) / 2012: Archilib (exhibit on agency work) / 2012: Circuler at Cité de l'architecture et du patrimoine in Paris / 2008: Metropolis exhibit in Naples (Montesanto station) / 2007: Ville en mouvement (ENSA Val-de-Seine Paris)

Selected publications

2016: Massy Palaiseau metro station (Beta Architecture, June); 10 Questions with Silvio d'Ascia (Interior Design, March) / 2015: Montesanto station (ArchDaily, Nov.); Les Franciscaines cultural center (Beta Architecture, Sept.); O'rigin office building (AMC °244, Sept.); Porta Susa station (Divisare, June) / 2014: Year in review (Le courrier de l'architecte, Dec.); Porta Susa station (ArchDaily, Nov.); Porta Susa feature article (Architectural Record, Aug.); Maeght Foundation (Maison Française, Aug.); Bagnoli Futura (ArchDaily, July); Bank of Shanghai tech campus (world architects, July); Bank of Shanghai (designboom, June); Kenitra high-speed station (Mark °50, June); Interview with Silvio d'Ascia (Competitions Magazine, May); Kenitra station (Le courrier de l'architecte, April); Shanghai Futures tech campus (designboom, April); Interview on Maeght Foundation project (Le courrier de l'architecte, April); Kenitra station (Civil Engineering Magazine, April); Shanghai Futures tech campus (ArchDaily, April) / 2013: Porta Susa station (AMC °228, Nov.) / 2012: special edition of magazine on agency (Archistorm hors-série, Nov.)

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